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Mount Wachusett Community College 

Fall 2012 



Volume 3 •Number 4 


Where are they now? 

Mount Wachusett Community College 


444 Green Street SL 


Gardner, MA 01440 





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• Call: Office of Admissions at 877-324-6815 

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at the Gardner Campus 

Current Students 

• Online:, click on "iConnect" 

•Call: 978-630-9109 

• In person: Advising Center, Room 116 

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NEACAC College Fair 

9 AM - 1 1 AM 

MWCC Fitness & Wellness Center, Gardner 

• Meet representatives from over 160 public and private colleges/universities and military 

• Get information about applying and financing your college education 

• Learn about transfer options after completing your MWCC degree 


Discover MWCC & College Majors Fair 

5 PM - 7 PM 

MWCC Commons, Gardner 

• Learn about MWCC programs directly from deans, chairpersons and program instructors 

• Get information about applying for financial aid 

• Hear about student groups and clubs 

To learn more about 
these and other 
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Community College 

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Publisher: Daniel M. Asquino 

President of Mount Wachusett Community College 

Editors: Robin Duncan, Janice O'Connor, Alexa Poulin 

Editorial Support/Writers: Hannah Adams, Sarah McMaster, 

Kelly Morrissey, Kristine Carlson Asselin 

Photography: Hannah Adams, Dana Armstrong 

Cover Photo: Dana Armstrong 

Cover Design: Stephanie Pinto 

Contributors: Ryan Forsythe 

Mount Wachusett Community College 
Board of Trustees 

James 0. Garrison, Chair 

Tina M. Sbrega, Vice Chair 

Mark P. Hawke, Secretary 

Christine Eck (Student Trustee) 

Richard Cella 

Dr. Francis G. Couvares 

Sheila M. Daly 

Scott B. Howard 

Yvonne W. Hunter 

Raymond F. LaFond 


MWCC Administration 

Dr. Daniel M. Asquino, President 

Ann S. McDonald, Executive Vice President & 
Senior Student Atfairs Officer 

Sharyn A. Rice, Senior Vice President, Access, 
Transition & Development 

Robin Duncan, Vice P<, sident, Marketing & Communications 

Dr. Melissa Fama, Vice President, Academic Affairs 

Jacqueline E. Feldman, Vice President, Lifelong Learning & 
Workforce Development 

Robert LaBonte, Vice President, Finance & Administration 

Diane Ruksnaitis, Vice President, Human Resources & 
Affirmative Action Officer 

MWCC seeks to provide equal educational and employment 
opportunities and does not discriminate on the basis of age, 
ancestry, color, creed, disability, genetic information, gender, 
marital status, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, 
veteran status, or any other protected classes. 

CareerFocus is published three times a year by Mount Wachusett 
Community College, 444 Green Street, Gardner, MA 01440 in 
partnership with Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor, Ml 

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\^f Community College 

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4 Last Minute Financial Aid Options for You 

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5 Financial Literacy 101 

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6 Fast Track to Fall Enrollment 

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7 Social Media 101 

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8 TRIO Student Support Services 

Making the grade with MWCC's Visions and Rx Programs 

1 Time Management for New College Students 

Fine tune your time management skills and stay on track 
in your academic career 

1 2 Workforce Training and Development 

Offering corporate and skill-building training, 
noncredit courses, workshops and more 

1 4 Course Offerings to Suit Every Interest 

See MWCC's course offering options & some MWCC top picks 

1 6 Alumni Spotlight 

Read about MWCC alumni and where they are today 


Alumni Profiles 

9 Carolynn Howell 

Fulfilling her vision 

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Community College Graduates 
Making the Connection 

Public and private colleges and universities 
recruit community college graduates 

By Janice O'Connor 

hen Hedda 
transferred last 
fall from Mount 
College to the 
of Massachusetts Amherst, she 
and other community college 
graduates were greeted with 
many new benefits, ranging from 
a 100% tuition waiver to priority 

The UMass Amherst Community 
College Connections program, 
established in fall 2011, gives 
graduates from all 15 community 
college campuses exclusive benefits 
to make it easier to transfer into and 
complete a bachelor's degree at the 
state's flagship public university 

The flagging economy, coupled with 
an increase in the cost of higher 
education, has brought an influx 
of students to community colleges 
to earn their general education 
requirements at a significant cost 
savings before transferring on for a 
bachelor's degree. As a result, public 

and private institutions are forging 
agreements with two-year schools, 
or strengthening existing transfer 
programs, to attract community 
college transfer students. 

"We want students at community 
colleges across Massachusetts 
to envision a future at UMass 
Amherst, the state's flagship public 
university and one of the nation's 
premier research institutions," then- 
UMass Amherst Chancellor Robert 
C. Holub said when the program was 
announced last year. 

Transfer students from state 
community colleges already have 
been an essential part of the 
university community, however the 
new program strengthens those 
successful ties. Currently, more than 
550 community college graduates 
transfer to UMass Amherst each 

The UMass Amherst Community 
College Connections program is 
for community college graduates 
pursuing admission through the 
existing Joint Admissions or Mass 
Transfer programs who complete 
their associate degree with a 
cumulative grade point average of 
2.5 or higher. These students are 
guaranteed general admission to 
UMass Amherst, with applications 
processed before those of other 
transfer students. 

These students are eligible for the 
following benefits: 

• A 100 percent reduction of in-state 
tuition ($1,714) for students who 
graduate from a community college 
with a GPA of 3.0 or higher and 
meet other selected requirements 

• Special scholarships 

• Priority review of financial aid 
packages before those of other 
transfer students 

• Housing advantages: UMass holds 
50 spots in on-campus housing, 

as well as priority granted over 
all other transfer students for on- 
campus housing 

• Priority advising and course 
registration in early June that 
allows for course registration 
before all other new students 

• Special advising by college deans 
during the first year at UMass 

• Summer orientation session 
tailored to community college 

• Transition seminars for transfers 
into the College of Engineering 
and the Isenberg School of 

Sarah Adams 

Currently, more than 550 
community college graduates 
transfer to UMass Amherst 
each year. 

Management during the first 
semester at UMass Amherst. 

Monaghan, 21, grew up in Groton 
and has now completed her junior 
year at UMass Amherst, where 
she is majoring in Plant, Soil and 
Insect Sciences. Once she graduates 
in May 2013, she plans to pursue a 
master's degree in either entomology 
or library science, and then pursue 
a career in a science library or 

"I chose UMass because they had 
the degree I was interested in 
pursuing and also because of the 
ease of transferring in. The whole 
transfer process was very easy and 
I was very appreciative of that. All 
I really needed to do was maintain 
a good GPA, and I really liked how 
little paperwork was involved. I felt 
very welcomed. The orientation for 
community college transfer students 
was nice because everyone there 
was doing a similar thing that I was 

Monaghan, who was homeschooled, 
says she initially chose MWCC to 
save money on the total cost of her 
bachelor's degree. "It was mostly at 
first to save money, but I'm really 
glad that I got the community 
college experience. If I had gone 
straight from being homeschooled 
to UMass, I would have been really 
overwhelmed." Monaghan, who 
earned her degree in Liberal Arts, 
initially enrolled in college as a dual- 
enrolled student earning high school 
credits. While enrolled as a full-time 
student at MWCC, she joined the 
Commonwealth Honors Program as 
well as the student sustainability 
club, The Green Society. 

"With the UMass Amherst 
Community College Connections 
program, our students receive 
priority status. They'll get top pick 
of the classes they need, and I think 
that's important," says MWCC 
Transfer and Academic Advisor 
Limari Rivera. "We have many 
students who go into the Isenberg 
School of Management, which is 

2 ! -all 2012 I CareerFocus 

Mount Wachusett Community College I 877-324-6815 

a very prestigious program. That's 
always an incentive for our students." 

Justine Thibeault of Ashburnham 
graduated from MWCC in 2011 with 
an associate degree in Business 
Administration, before transferring to 
the Isenberg School of Management, 
where she is majoring in Operations 
Management. The advising and 
encouragement she received while 
at MWCC helped her determine the 
best transfer option for her bachelor's 
degree, she says. 

"MWCC's transfer services helped 
me get right into UMass. It almost 
seemed too easy. MWCC made the 
process a breeze, because they knew 
exactly what had to be in place and 
when. I am very thankful for all 
the support I received from MWCC; 
otherwise, I honestly would not 
be graduating from Isenberg next 

Sarah Adams of Orange, a 2012 
graduate of MWCC, will transfer to 
UMass Amherst this fall under the 
new Community College Connections 
program. Adams, who earned her 
associate degree in art, joined the 
Commonwealth Honors Program, 
the Phi Theta Kappa honor society 
and served as president of the Art 
Club while at MWCC. Through 
her involvement with the Visions 

Danette Krushel 

program at MWCC, a TRIO Student 
Support Services program, she 
was able to tap into scholarships 
and grants to nearly fully fund her 
associate degree. 

"I'm extremely excited to transfer 
to UMass," says Adams, who will 
continue to study art and marketing 
at the university and plans to live in 
an on-campus dormitory. 

I chose UMass because they had 
the degree I was interested in 
pursuing and also because of the 
ease of transferring in." 

Hedda Monaghan 

Hedda Monaghan 

UMass Amherst's history of creating 
innovative transfer options, such as 
Joint Admissions, spans decades. 
The new Community College 
Connections program was instituted 
as a campus-wide endeavor at the 
urging of Chancellor Holub to further 
enhance the university's long-term 
commitment to these students, says 
Stephanie Chapko, Senior Associate 
Director of Admissions at the 

"It goes beyond admission and 
transfer credits. This is a university- 
wide effort and is a step beyond 
MassTransfer. Admissions, 
enrollment, financial aid, housing, 
academics - all of these offices 
are supporting these efforts to 
successfully transition community 
college students into a university 
environment. And that's what's so 
unique about the UMass Amherst 
Community College Connection 

"Students love it. They love coming 
to UMass and finding other students 
just like them. Not only are they 
with other transfer students, but 
they're with students with similar 
experiences. It makes for a great 

Private options 

Many private colleges and 
universities are also rolling out the 
red carpet for community college 
graduates. While students have 
opportunities to transfer to any 
college or university of their choice, 
specific agreements with a number 
of institutions ensure a seamless 
transfer. Each year, MWCC forges 
new agreements with additional 
colleges and universities, including 
popular 3+1 programs that enable 
students to remain at MWCC, at 
MWCC prices, for their third year of 
study before transferring for their 
final year for their bachelor's degree. 

"Private schools are really reaching 
out to our students with transfer 
opportunities," says Rivera. 

Many prestigious colleges have long 
offered generous financial packages 
and transfer programs for community 
college graduates. Smith College, 
Amherst College, and Mount Holyoke 
College are among the institutions 
that encourage honors students to 
transfer through unique programs. 

Mount Holyoke, for instance, 
welcomes eligible women age 24 
and above to pursue their bachelor's 
degrees through the Frances Perkins 
Program. At Amherst, high-achieving 
community college students can 

services helped 
me get right 
into UMass. It 
almost seemed 
too easy." 

Justine Thibeault 

receive exceptional academic and 
scholarship options through the 
college's partnership with the Jack 
Kent Cooke Foundation. 

At Smith, the Ada Comstock Scholars 
Program enables women age 24 and 
above to complete a bachelor's degree 
either part time or full time. The 
program combines rigorous studies 
with flexibility by providing reduced 
course loads, special academic 
advising, career counseling, diverse 
housing options and financial aid for 
those with demonstrated need. 

Mount Wachusett student Danette 
Krushel of Phillipston is headed to 
Smith this fall as an Ada Comstock 
scholar. Having previously earned 
a degree from MWCC in Business 
Administration in 2001, she recently 
decided to pursue a new career in 
health care. In 2010, she enrolled in 
the college's General Studies Allied 
Health program with the thought 
of applying to the nursing program. 
However, after furthering exploring 
different fields, she has set her sights 
on a career as a physical therapist. 
She'll transfer to Smith to pursue a 
bachelor's degree in Neuroscience, 
then ultimately transfer to an 
institution that offers a Doctor of 
Physical Therapy degree. 

"The Mount does a great job 
preparing us to go on to bigger 

For more information on MWCC 
transfer options, contact Transfer 
and Academic Advisor Limari Rivera 
at 978-630-9197 or 

877-324-6815 Mount Wachusett Community College I 

CareerFocus I Fall 2012 3 




Last Minute Financial Aid Tips 

It's not too late to apply for financial aid 

At Mount Wachusett 
Community College, 
we believe that going 
to college should be 
a destination that 
everyone can reach. 
We also know that 
not everyone has 
the money to get there. Although 
the ideal timeframe to apply for 
financial aid is prior to May 1 for fall 
enrollment, there are some financial 
aid programs that are available that 
do not have firm deadlines. If you 
have decided to attend college this 
fall, but did not start the financial 
aid process during the spring, here 
are some last minute tips to show 
you how you can still apply. 

When to apply 

Now is the time to apply. File as 
soon as you can, even if you are 
unsure about your college plans. 
Meeting financial aid deadlines 
is important, however, even if you 
have missed a deadline, you should 
still apply as soon as you decide to 
attend college. 

What is financial aid? 

Financial aid is money provided by 
federal, state and college sources to 
help students pay their educational 
expenses while attending college. 
Many students find it increasingly 
difficult to finance a college 
education without some assistance. 
In general, all U.S. citizens and 
eligible non-citizens who are 
enrolled in an approved degree 
or certificate program are eligible 
to receive some type of financial 

How do I apply for financial aid 
to attend MWCC? 

• All new MWCC students must 
be admitted to an eligible degree 
or certificate program. It is 
recommended that you apply 
for admission to MWCC and for 
financial aid at the same time. 

• Obtain a PIN, an electronic access 
code number that serves as an 
identifier at 
This is an electronic access code 
number that serves as your 
identifier and electronic signature. 

If you have decided to attend 
college this fall, but did not start 
the financial aid process during 
the spring, here are some last 
minute tips to show you how you 
can still apply. 

• Complete the Free Application 
for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 
online at Make 
sure that MWCC (school code 
002172) is listed as one of your 

• IRS Data Retrieval Tool: The U.S. 
Department of Education has 
recently enhanced the FAFSA 
filing process to allow students and 
their parents to retrieve tax data 
from the Internal Revenue Service 
(IRS). This enables applicants to 
upload their filed 2011 federal tax 
return data directly to the FAFSA. 
We strongly encourage the use of 
this tool during the initial filing or 
when submitting corrections to the 
2012-2013 FAFSA. 

• Certain applications are randomly 
selected for a verification process. 
Students will be notified via email 
if follow-up documentation is 

• Once all requested documents are 
received and processed, an award 
notification is sent via email and 
may also be viewed online via 
MWCC's iConnect portal. 

Activate your MWCC student 
email account! 

The Financial Aid Office will 
send most correspondence to your 
MWCC student email account. It 
is important that you activate your 
account and check it regulary to 
ensure that you are receiving all 

important notifications. Once you 
are accepted to the college, you will 
have a student ID assigned that will 
allow you to set up your account. 

I'm not sure I qualify for 
financial aid. Should I complete 
the Free Application for Federal 
Student Aid (FAFSA)? 

Yes, the best way to determine 
what funds you qualify for is by 
completing an application. It doesn't 
cost anything to apply. Financial 
aid removes financial barriers for 
families who cannot afford the cost 
of an education, and also provides 
needed funds for families who can 
afford only a portion of college costs. 
Your financial eligibility will be 
determined by a number of factors 
including family income, the size of 
your family and number of family 
members attending college. 

Monthly payment option 

An interest-free monthly payment 
plan is available for new and 
continuing students. For more 
information, call the student 
accounts office at 978-630-9149 or 

4 I Fail 2012 I CareerFocus 

Mount Wachusett Community College I 877-324-6815 




— * 

Financial Literacy Programs 

MWCC preparing students for personal money management 




navigate through the entire 
financial aid and billing process. 

The college has also established 
partnerships with local business 
experts to help educate students 
on campus. Through the college's 
ongoing relationship with GFA 
Federal Credit Union and Rollstone 
Bank & Trust, local community 
educators provide workshops and 
other vital tools to participants. Last 
year, the GFA Institute for Financial 
Literacy was established at MWCC, 
while this past semester Rollstone 
Bank & Trust offered a series of 
three presentations to student 
groups about budgeting, credit 
scores, credit cards, and car loans. 

MWCC will unveil the Buttonwood 

program during the fall 2012 

semester. Sponsored by Higher One, 

this service is an interactive 

and highly customized 

online program 

that is comprised 

of seven 

modules that 

teach about 

credit cards, / 

consumer / 


By Kelly Morrissey 

aying for college is 
one of life's major 
investments. At a time 
when students are 
preparing to finance 
the cost of their higher 
education, many of 
them are unprepared 
to make such an important financial 
decision. Nationally, student loan 
debt is on the rise, and graduates 
are faced with significant monthly 
loan payments while launching 
their new careers. Due to all of 
these factors, Mount Wachusett 
Community College has recognized 
the importance of providing our 
students with additional financial 
literacy resources to enable them 
to handle their personal finances 
better. Our goal is to give them the 
tools they need to stay on track 
financially while in college and 
to prepare them to manage their 
finances after graduating. 

The Financial Aid Office has always 
focused on providing students 
with assistance to help pay for 
educational expenses. However, 
there is a growing recognition 
that colleges need to offer more 
well-rounded support of students' 
overall financial needs. Economic 
challenges are a common barrier for 
many students to be able to 
enroll in college or remain 
through graduation 
When students 
and families 
have a better 
understanding of 
personal money 
they have an 
increased ability 
to create a 
financial plan to 
get to college, and 
stay in college. 

Made possible by funding through 
the Carl D. Perkins Career & 
Technical Education Grant, a 
financial literacy counselor has been 
hired to work with students in the 
Advising Center. This counselor 
offers support to students who are 
seeking additional resources when 
they experience financial difficulties. 
Additionally, there is assistance 
offered to students to help them 

877-324-6815 Mount Wachusett Community College I 


"Buttonwood provides students with 
a clear picture of their current and 
future financial situations. This 
new MWCC financial literacy tool 
is a wonderful product to educate 
students to make informed 
financial decisions." 

II. Ryan Forsythe, 

|^ Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management 

\ and Student Financial Aid, MWCC 

insurance, taxes, 
investing, and 
A managing student 

loans. This content 
A is delivered through 

A an interactive gaming 

A simulation called 

Buttonwood Life. Through 
an online interface, students 
are able to input variables 
such as age, savings goals, and 
career choices and students gain 
or lose points based on their 
responses in college campus 
scenarios. This initiative will first 
be offered as a pilot project before 
it is rolled out to the entire college 

Consumer Financial Protection 
Bureau Director Richard Cordray 
recently reported to a presidential 

advisory committee that the federal 
government is "deeply committed 
to a vision of an America where 
everyone is financially educated. 
We must start where all good 
education starts, with our children." 
Efforts to teach personal finance, 
managing household budgets, and 
making informed decisions about 
larger investments in education or 
home are now beginning as early 
as kindergarten. Mount Wachusett 
Community College is pleased to 
support this important mission 
by promoting financial literacy on 

CareerFocus I Pall 2012 5 




There's Still Time to Enroll! 

Get on the fast track to enrollment 

ant to attend 
College? It's not 
too late! Just 
follow this step- 
by-step list that 

explains what to do. 




Complete the Admission 

Complete an Admission 
Application at 
Questions about applying 
can be made to the Office of 
Admissions at 978-630-9110 or 

Submit Supporting 

Call your old high school and/or 
colleges. Have them send your 
transcripts to Mount Wachusett 
Community College, Office of 
Admissions, 444 Green Street, 
Gardner, MA 01440. 

Apply for Financial Aid 

It's not too late to apply for 
financial aid either, but don't 
wait too long. The first step to 
receiving financial aid to help 
you pay for school is to complete 
the Free Application for 
Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at 

4 This sounds 
scary, but it's not! Financial 
assistance is available. 

New Student Welcome and 
College Placement Test 

Once you are admitted to The 
Mount, you will attend a New 
Student Welcome Session. At 
this event, you will receive 
important information about 
enrolling and completing 
your college placement test. 
Reservations for New Student 
Welcome Sessions can be made 
by calling the Testing Center 
at 978-630-9244. 



Academic Advising 

You will have lots of support 
in choosing your classes and 
planning your future. To find 
out when you can meet with 
your academic advisor, contact 
the Advising Center 
at 978-630-9109. 

Attend Orientation 

Orientation takes place shortly 
before you start your first 
term. Here you will learn a lot 
of information that will assist 
you in your first term 
on campus. 

It's not too late! 
Just follow this 
step-by-step list 
that explains 
what to do. 


Ask Questions! 

We're here to help you reach 
your academic goals! You can 
do this... and it's not too late! 
Questions about enrolling 
at The Mount can be made 
through the MWCC Office of 
Admissions at 978-630-9110 or 

Fall Semester Begins 
September 5 

Register Today! 

6 Fall 2012 I CareerFocus 

Mount Wachusett Community College I 





Social Media 101 




By Sarah McMaster 

These days it's harder 
to find someone who 
doesn't use some form of 
social media than it is to 
find someone who does. 
We live our lives online, 
connecting with friends, 
family, and old high 
school buddies. But, there is a whole 
other side to using social media 
that many otherwise savvy Internet 
surfers overlook: your professional 
career and network. 

Facebook and Twitter aren't just for 
baby pictures and weekend plans. 
Your business connections and 
other professional connections, like 
MWCC, are using social media, too. 
Connecting with those resources is 
smart, progressive, and will give you 
the inside track to success through 
better (think real-time) access to 
information, events, and fun stuff, 


Mount Wachusett 
Community College 
uses Facebook 
to connect with 
our students and 
community. We ask 
poll questions, respond to comments 
and questions from students and 
parents, post interesting news 
stories, and share photos and videos 
of student club events and other 
entertaining clips. This is a primary 
source for what's going on not only 
at the Gardner campus, but also 
at the Devens and Leominster 
campuses, at the Fitness & Wellness 
Center, or in the Alumni Association, 
to name a few of our many pages. 


Twitter is another 

great social media site 

that the college uses 

to connect with our 

friends and to keep 

our ear to the ground 

on what's happening in education, 

the region, and around the world. 

Follow our updates to get links to 

news and "retweets" of valuable info 

from other sources too. 

Getting ready to update your 
resume or, better yet, to graduate? 

The must-join social 

media site for you 

is Linkedln. MWCC 

has a "company" 

page where you can 

keep up to date on 

staff and faculty, as well as build 

your professional network through 

alumni, current students, and people 

connected to The Mount in many 



Did you know that 
YouTube is the second- 
most used search 
engine? Well, we did 
and we made sure to 
have a presence there 
so we can easily share our videos 
with you. Like the old saying goes, 
"A picture is worth a thousand 
words," so we take it a step further 
and say a video must be worth at 
least ten thousand more! Check 
out our YouTube page for fun 
videos of student activities like our 
Dance Crew practices, or for video 
coverage of important events like 
the dedication ceremony for our two 
wind turbines in April 2011. 

Facebook aod Twitter aren't 
jost for baby pictores and 
weekend plans. Your business 
connections and other professional 
connections, like MWCC, are using 
social media, too. 

With all these social media sites 
available on the Internet, it can be 
easy to become overwhelmed and 
miss some great information. We at 
the college understand this and so 
we've developed a way to get you 
straight to the info you need, when 
and where you need it! To do this, 
we use QR codes, those funny black- 
and-white square barcodes you see 
in magazines and on billboards. 
You will start to see these codes 
around campus for you to scan with 
your smartphone and be instantly 
directed to specific information. See 

a QR code by Financial Aid? Scan it 
and get FinAid answers fast! 

At MWCC, we make it a priority to 
stay connected to our students and 
community. Connect with us online 
and let us know how we're doing! 


Scan and learn 
more about MWCC. 

Connect with MWCC on social media and get the inside track to 
academic success through your smartphone or computer! 

877-324-6815 Mount Wachusett Community College I 

CareerFocus I Pail 2012 I 7 




Making the Grade with MWCC's Visions 
and Rx Programs 

By Hannah Adams 

College students are 
making major changes 
in their lives all the 
time. Whether it's 
coming to school for the 
first time or returning 
after starting a career 
or family, college 
is a big step. Mount Wachusett 
Community College has numerous 
support services available that help 
students remain on course through 

TRIO Student Support Services, a 
federal program developed in 1965 
to help disadvantaged students 
obtain a college degree, has grown 
from three to seven sister programs 
funded by the U.S. Department of 
Education. Through these federal 
grants, MWCC operates the Visions 
and Rx Programs, which support 
first generation students from 
families where neither parent has 
a bachelor's degree, students from 
limited-income backgrounds, and 
students with disabilities. The 
programs are designed to help 
students persist through graduation 
at MWCC and to transfer to four- 
year schools. 

Through these programs, academic 
advising, tutoring, transfer 
counseling and skill-building 
seminars in a variety of topics, 
from financial planning to time 
management, are provided to 
hundreds of MWCC students. 
Gaurav Khanna, Director of TRIO 
Student Support Service Programs 
at MWCC, believes that students at 
The Mount are always within reach 
of a helping hand. "We try to build 
a strong foundation for students 
the moment they enter MWCC and 
guide them to graduate or transfer," 
he says. Students are able to develop 
college skills from the beginning, 
and the building of a tighter knit 

Sarah Adams, recipient of the 2012 Visions Program President's Award and Andres Figueroa, recipient of the 2012 Visions Award, 
with Gaurav Khanna, Director of TRIO Student Support Service Programs at MWCC. 

community within the college 
provides a strong support system. 

"Higher education changes people, 
it opens your eyes and you examine 
things that you might have taken 
for granted," he says. "In a time 
where higher education has never 
been more important to building a 
future, in some ways the economic 
and social obstacles have never been 
greater. We are constantly impressed 
with the effort our students put in, 
despite the obstacles they may face, 
whether they be childcare, financial 
difficulties, living situation, jobs, or 
math, to name a few." 

Visions Program 

Visions is now entering its 34 th year 
serving eligible students enrolled in 
any major at MWCC. The program 
provides a variety of services to 

200 students each year, including 
academic advising; personal, 
career, and transfer counseling; 
tutoring; seminars; a summer bridge 
program; financial aid advising and 
workshops; financial and economic 
literacy education; a faculty and 
peer mentoring program; and 
supplemental courses. 

"The program, staff and fellow 
students are absolutely amazing," 
says Sarah Adams of Orange, an 
art major who graduated in 2012 
with honors and is transferring to 
UMass Amherst this fall. "I can 
honestly say that I would not be 
where I am right now in my college 
career and in my life if not for the 
Visions Program. From the financial 
help with scholarships that are 
awarded, to the staffs eagerness 
to help each and every student, to 

"We try to build a strong foundation for students 
the moment they enter MWCC and guide them to 
graduate or transfer." 

Gaurav Khanna, Director of TRIO Student Support Service Programs at MWCC 

the great events that help make 
us a small community within the 
college, the Visions Program has it 
all. The moral support and feeling of 
acceptance and motivation that the 
program, students, and especially 
the staff have given me helped 
me break out of my shell of being 
shy and insecure and helped me 
grow to be outgoing, optimistic and 

Adams, who will continue her 
studies in fine arts and marketing, 
earned her associate degree for 
an astounding $120 through 
scholarships and Pell grants. Though 
an extraordinary achievement 
in this economy, her experience 
demonstrates that hard work, 
perseverance and guidance can help 
students discover resources they 
otherwise might not know exist. 

"I definitely would recommend 
the Visions Program to incoming 
students, either traditional-age 
or non-traditional," says Adams, 
a member of the Commonwealth 
Honors Program, the Phi Theta 
Kappa honor society and past 
president of the Art Club. "It was 

8 Fall 2012 I CareerFocus 

Mount Wachusett Community College I 877-324-6815 

"The program offers support for 
everything I've run up against, 
even if only to lend an ear." 

Sheila Beane, General Studies Allied Health student 

Sheila Beane 

definitely an experience that has 
changed my life for the better and it 
can most certainly change the lives of 

Andres Figueroa of Leominster, 
another Visions Program participant 
who is pursuing a Physical Therapist 
Assistant degree, agrees. "The 
experience with the program has 
been amazing. The environment 
itself has a positive atmosphere that 
made me feel comfortable. I highly 
recommend students to participate. 
Having a support system makes 
campus life easier and the college 
experience more enjoyable." 

Sheri West 

Rx Program 

To expand its student services, 
MWCC established a new TRIO 
program - the Rx Program - in 
2010 to serve 120 students annually 
who are majoring in health sciences 
programs. Participants receive the 
same support that comes with the 
Visions Program. The Rx Program is 
available to eligible students enrolled 
in the college's Nursing, Practical 
Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Physical 
Therapist Assistant, Complementary 
Health Care, Medical Assisting, 
and General Studies Allied Health 
programs. An additional service 
that the Rx Program offers is help 
preparing for the TEAS and NCLEX 
licensure tests. 

Like many students, Sheila Beane 
of Winchendon, a General Studies 
Allied Health major, is balancing 
school and studying, children and 
home, and life in general. "School can 
be very challenging. The program 
offers support for everything I've run 
up against, even if only to lend an 
ear." From her experience at MWCC, 
Beane is interested in enrolling in the 
Physical Therapist Assistant program 
and then work with veterans. 

The Rx Program gives students 
assurance that there are always 
mentors and peers in their corner. 
"Even if a student doesn't require 
academic assistance, the counselors 
can help with all kinds of questions 
about the college process," says Sheri 
West of Petersham, who graduated 
this spring with a degree in nursing. 
"Being part of the Rx Program gave 
me the extra support that I needed to 
be successful." 

The Visions and Rx Programs are 
now recruiting new members for 
the fall semester. Eligible students 
are encouraged to contact the TRIO 
Student Support Services office at 
978-630-9297 or find information 
online at I triosss to learn 
how to join. 

Alumni Spotlight 

Fulfilling Her Vision 

MWCC Alumna Carolynn Howell 

A glimmer of hope, a dream for her future, 
the courage to try. These three things led 
Carolynn Howell to leave her fears behind 
and embark on a life-changing journey that 
began at Mount Wachusett Community 
College, led to prestigious Amherst College, 
and is continuing still as a graduate student at 
Boston University. 

A 2008 alumna who earned her associate 
degree in Human Services and graduated 
with highest honors, Howell discovered her 
own strength and a path to success through 
MWCC's Visions Program. 

During a recent visit to MWCC, Howell shared 
her story with current Visions Program 

Carolynn Howell 

"I grew up in profound poverty and I ended up in the foster care system in 
Vermont. I had five foster homes in three years, punctuated by periods of 
homelessness. I didn't have the family support to encourage me to pursue 
college, let alone financial support for such a move. 

I knew that I wanted a career that is consistent with my personal values. 
I wanted to do something that I would find meaningful. I had dreams of 
helping others and becoming a psychotherapist. However, I knew that I 
would need many years of education in order to accomplish these goals. 
When I thought about going to college, I could see only barriers and it 
seemed so risky. 

I knew that if I started college, I would need to throw everything I had at it. 
I knew I would have to work harder than I had ever worked before and that 
I could not allow myself to fail. I knew that if I was going to be successful 
at The Mount, I would need support. I eagerly signed up for the Visions 
Program to help me with the process. 

The Visions staff encouraged me to set my goals high and to not let fear 
hold me back. They understood my concerns about affording college and 
encouraged me to apply to colleges offering generous financial aid. It never 
would have occurred to me to apply to a college like Amherst College for 
my bachelor's degree. It seemed way beyond my reach. In fact, I knew that 
it could be a life-changing experience for me but I was afraid to want it. 
However, I now believe that it is better to try and fail than to not try and 
always be plagued with the what-ifs. 

When I was accepted to Amherst College, I felt like I had won the lottery. In 
a few years, I had gone from living out of my car to transferring to Amherst 
College. I finally had the opportunity to change the entire trajectory of c 
life. As a result, my outlook changed. I could see myself being successful and 
being a leader in my field. I was no longer afraid to set lofty goals. 

The Mount is a great institution that can open doors for you. This is a place 
where you can become the best version of yourself, the person you always 
knew you could be if given the chance. Never let anyone tell you that you 
cannot achieve your goals, not even yourself. Never let your own fears or 
self-doubt prevent you from overcoming your obstacles to success. r 

877-324-6815 I Mount Wachusett Community College I 

CareerFocus I Fall 2012 9 



Time Management for 
New College Students 


By Sarah McMaster 

aking the 
transition into 
college can be 
tough whether 
you are a recent 
high school 
graduate or a 
career changer 
looking to update your skills. 
Being a college student gives you a 
flexible schedule and many projects, 
assignments, and deadlines to keep 
track of from week to week. Getting 
started with a strong foundation of 
time management skills now will 
help you succeed as a student and in 
your career. 

Find the Right Tools for You 

Just like an auto mechanic, you 
need the right tools in the toolbox 
to do the job. For managing your 
time though, the tools are a little 
different. You can use computer 
software like Microsoft Outlook, a 
Google calendar, a hard-copy day 
planner, or the calendar in your 
smartphone. Which tool you pick 
depends on what will work best for 
you. Once you find the right tool 
or set of time management tools, 
you can start to use these tips 
and guidelines to become a time 
management pro. 

Get serious! If you have a full 
course load and assignments and 
projects to complete, use project 
management techniques. Take 
your projects seriously and plan 
ahead. Set milestones along the 
way to completion that you can 
use to measure your progress and 
give you positive feedback as you 
reach each milestone. Know who 
else you need on board to complete 
your project and make sure you are 
in communication with them. You 
can even use project management 
software if that will help you 
organize your tasks. But don't get 
caught up spending too much time 
learning a new project management 
software. If a sophisticated "solution" 
takes too long, just use a pen and 

Preparation and Timeliness Are 
Your Best Friends 

Just got out of class with a list 
of upcoming assignments and a 

10 i Fall 2012 I CareerFocus 

syllabus of the readings for class 
time? Take five minutes now to 
enter those deadlines into your 
day planner, calendar, or phone. 
Writing them down now will allow 
you to "let them go" from your mind 
temporarily so you can concentrate 
on today's priorities. Did the 
professor give you a small task like 
a website to review or a book to 
check out of the library? Do it now. 
Don't let small, easily accomplished 
tasks build up until they are an 
unmanageable list. Be like Nike and 
just do it. Not only will you keep 
from getting behind on tasks, but 
you will feel good about checking 
them off your to-do list. 

Do you have tasks that will be 
coming up soon but aren't on the 
to-do list for today? Work smarter, 
not harder. Spending time getting 
organized and planning your project 
is NOT a waste of time. Get in the 
habit of creating to-do lists, either 
on paper, in your day planner, or 
online. Group your tasks into three 

1. Must get done today 

2. Should get done today 

3. Would be nice to get done today 

Start with the must-do's and work 
your way through the categories. 
Anything that doesn't get done 
today stays on the list and probably 
moves up a category for tomorrow. 
Set reminders a week ahead of 
important deadlines, and then 
repeat those reminders again one 
or two days before. This way you'll 
never be caught unprepared. 

A big part of time management 
is being able to create the right 
environment for efficiency. When you 
schedule dedicated time into your 
day for a specific task, it helps to 
create that efficiency environment. 
Set aside another time for emails 
and phone calls and then turn off 
the ringer and let your screen saver 
run. Shut your door or find a quiet 
corner of the library where you 
won't be disturbed. Silence your cell 
phone and sign off from social media 
sites or instant messenger programs. 
Turn on your favorite music, or 
make sure your area is quiet - 
whichever works for you. Prepare 
a healthy snack to give you energy 
and then get those tasks underway. 

Prioritize Competing Obligations 

We all have many things we need 
to accomplish in any given day, 
from class assignments to family 
obligations. Balancing life, work, and 
home can be difficult for even the 
most seasoned time management 
pro. Knowing what your priorities 
are and the consequences (both good 
and bad) associated with all your 
obligations will help you stay on 
track. The trick is to stick to your 
priorities rather than reacting to 
situations as they arise. 

There are some questions you can 
ask yourself that will also help 
you prioritize all your projects and 

• Which deadline has more 
critical implications? 

• Can I delegate this to a friend, 
colleague, or family member? 

• Can I combine two tasks and 
tackle them together? If you 
have a paper to write and an 
errand to run, combine. Run 
your errand and end at the 
library where you can write your 

Sometimes the simplest things can 
really go a long way. For example, 
using a color code system is a 
trick that works for many people. 
Whether it's different color file 
folders, post-it notes, or pen inks, 
having a simple visual cue like color- 
coding can help you prioritize. If 
you use this trick, when you scan 
through your day planner and see 
that you have five items in red 
pen, meaning highest priority, and 
your friend asks if you can meet for 
lunch, you'll know at a glance that 
today is a busy day and lunch will 
have to wait. 

We all get maxed out at some point 
or another. Maybe it's too many 
obligations on our time or too many 
deadlines all in the same week. 
Time management can help! Part 
of managing your time effectively 
is knowing when to say no. It 
sounds simple, but saying no to 
new projects, social events, or other 
things that could take up time can 
help us stay focused on priorities 
and avoid that overwhelmed feeling 
that can keep us from getting 
anything done at all. 

' » 

Multi-tasking has often been cited 
as a way to be more effective, but is 
it really a solution? For some people 
multitasking is a good option to get 
many things done in one sitting. But 
for many others, multi-tasking just 
ends up with many tasks started 
and none completed. Take the time 
to figure out whether you multi-task 
effectively or not and be OK with the 
outcome. Not every technique out 
there is the right fit for everyone. 
There is nothing wrong with 
concentrating solely on one project 
or task at a time and working 
diligently toward your goals. 

Develop and Utilize 
Your Network 

The best "time managers" know 
when to leverage their network. Part 
of getting things done efficiently 
is knowing when you need help 
and getting it. With professional 
networks like Linkedln and 
technology like instant messages 
and texts, we can call upon our 
colleagues and peers in a minute's 
notice with requests for assistance. 
Can friends help with other tasks 
so you can stay on target? Enlist a 
close friend to bake those cupcakes 
for your child's soccer game or pick 
up your dry cleaning when you have 
a deadline crunch. It's OK to rely on 
your network when you need help. 

Set Yourself Up For Success 

Arguably, the most important part of 
better time management is making 
it part of your daily routine. To make 
it a habit, make a pledge to yourself 
to stick to it for one month. Just 30 
days of using some of these time 
management techniques will cement 
it into your daily routine, help it 
become a new habit, and give you 
a set of time management tools in 
your "new student toolbox" that will 
help you achieve your goals. 

Lastly, reward yourself! When you've 
done a good job, have a clear priority 
plan in place, and checked off many 
to-dos, take a break. Go outside for a 
walk, pet your cat, or call your friend 
for a chat. Do something that you 
enjoy. But then, get back to work! 

Mount Wachusett Community College I 877-324-6815 

Facts and Finds 



Top 10 Reasons 

to attend Mount Wachusett 
Community College: 

1 Faculty Who Care. With an excellent 
student/teacher ratio, you'll get more one- 
on-one time with your instructors. Our 
faculty know you by name, prepare you for 
life after graduation, and always care about 
your success. 

O Student Life and Leadership. The 

Student Life office provides quality 
programming. Through involvement in 
clubs and organizations, you can develop 
your leadership abilities, make new friends, 
and gain awareness of your community. 

Q Hands-on Experience. At mwcc, you 

have opportunities to get out of the books 
and into hands-on job preparation skills. 

4 Career Placement, mwcc graduates 

are employable and employers are satisfied 
with graduates they supervise. 

g Transfer Credits, mwcc has transfer 

agreements with many public and private 
four-year colleges and universities so you 
can continue your college career if you 

g Choices. At MWCC, you can choose from 
more than 45 different career options so 
you're sure to find your passion. 

7 Affordable. At $190 per credit, you'll 
save money without sacrificing quality 

Q Convenience. Classes are offered days, 
evenings, and online in a variety of formats 
to best meet your schedule. 

Q Support. At MWCC, you have a support 
system to ensure your success. 

1 Q Location. MWCC is close to home so you 
can juggle work and family responsibilities 
with your education. 

Beyond MWCC's Classroom 

Fitness & Wellness Center: 

Along with educational courses, Mount 
Wachusett Community College houses 
the largest fitness center in the region - 
the Fitness & Wellness Center - which 
strives to provide opportunities to achieve 
a healthy lifestyle. The 60,000 square foot 
facility includes a six-lane, Olympic sized 
swimming pool; over 40 fitness programs; 
nursery; summer sports camps; three full- 
size, indoor basketball courts; outdoor tennis 
and basketball courts; a 200-meter outdoor 
track; men's and women's locker rooms; two 
regulation racquetball courts; and state-of- 
the-art weight training and cardiovascular 
equipment. Cardiac equipment includes 
Stairmasters, lifecycles, treadmills, bikes, 
elliptical trainers, a rowing machine, arc 
trainers and versa climbers. 

Contemporary fitness and wellness clubs 
are more comprehensive than the gyms of 
the past. Gone are the days of the one-size- 
fits-all weight rooms and the high impact 
aerobics classes with leg warmers. Today's 
fitness centers cater to diverse populations 
with specific needs. Programming includes 
personalized nutrition classes, body 

Clubs and Organizations: 

There is more to a school than just classes; 
clubs and activities also play an important 
part. Mount Wachusett Community College 
offers many opportunities for you to find 
something you're good at and enjoy! You'll also 
gain experience from getting involved and 
meeting new people. 

Curriculum Clubs: 

Anatomy & Physiology and 

Human Biology Club 

Art Club 

Computer Graphic Design Club 

Dental Hygienist Club 

Early Childhood Education Club 

English as Second Language Club 

The Green Society 

Human Service Club 

Legal Studies Group 

Marketing Club 

Math and Our Community Club 

Medical Assisting and Medical Office Club 

Student Nurses Association 

Service Organizations: 

Campus Activities Team for Students (CATS) 

iPublications (Student Web Literary 


Mount Observer (Student Newspaper) 

Student Government Association 





composition testing and weight training, 
massage therapy, personal training, and yoga. 
Programs are available for people of all ages 
and abilities. 

The center's group exercise program is free to 
members and offers more than 50 classes a 
week led by certified trainers. 

The Fitness & Wellness Center is open 
Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. 
and Saturday and Sunday from 7 a.m. to 5 
p.m. MWCC students who wish to join the 
Fitness & Wellness Center receive a large 
discounted membership price per semester. 
To become a member or for more information, 
call 978-630-9212 or visit 

Interest and Social Clubs: 

Active Minds Club 


Campus 4 Christ Club 

Dance Crew 

International Club 

Non-Traditional Student Association 

Otaku United 

PRIDE (People Rising In Defense of Everyone) 

Theatre Club 

Veterans Group 

Honor Societies: 

Alpha Beta Gamma 
Phi Theta Kappa 

877-324-6815 Mount Wachusett Community College I 


CareerFocus I Fall 2012 11 





Workforce Training 
and Development 

by Kristine Carlson Asselin 

Think most classes at 
Mount Wachusett 
Community College 
happen during the day 
on the main campus in 
Gardner? You might be 
surprised to know that 
in 2011, the Division of 
Lifelong Learning and Workforce 
Development at MWCC enrolled 
almost 6,000 people in a huge 
variety of courses — and many of 
those individuals took their classes 
either online, at night, or somewhere 
other than Green Street. Some of 
those classes happened at one of our 
two satellite campuses (Devens or 
Leominster), while others occurred 
onsite at corporate clients' training 

The Division of Lifelong Learning 
and Workforce Development 
combines a wealth of distinct 
educational opportunities under 
one umbrella, including: corporate 
and skill-building training (both 
grant based and contract based); 
noncredit courses; personal interest 
workshops; online and hybrid 
courses; evening classes for college 
credit; GED preparation; Adult 
Basic Education (ABE); customized 
workforce training; kids summer 
programs; and more. Encompassing 
over 100 staff members, the division 
is led by Vice President Jacqueline 
Feldman and includes adjunct 

faculty, administrators, and support 

The Division partners with the local 
chambers of commerce in the region, 
the North Central Massachusetts 
Workforce Investment Board, the 
North Central Career Center, and 
other organizations to provide the 
most all-inclusive training options to 
the area, including entrepreneurship 
classes for individuals looking to 
start their own business. 

Workforce Development 

Under the heading of workforce 
development, the department 
collaborates with local businesses 
in North Central Massachusetts. 
As a one-stop-shop for grant 
writing, corporate and workforce 
training, and online classes, the 
staff responsible for Workforce 
Development is constantly in 
motion. According to Jeremiah 
Riordon, Associate Vice President 
of Lifelong Learning and Workforce 
Development, "In 2011, we delivered 
over 500 contact hours of training, 
successfully partnered with 27 
businesses and brought over 
$250,000 to the region in state 
funded workforce training grants." 

After collaborating on a successful 
grant application, the workforce 
development team works with 
clients to customize the most 
effective training program for 
that company and its staff. In 

addition, the team maintains that 
relationship for the life of the grant, 
including arranging instructors, 
ordering text books, processing 
grant paperwork and required 
documentation, and delivery of 

Companies don't have to be 
eligible for training grants in 
order to partner with Workforce 
Development at MWCC. Some of the 
most successful training programs 
are arranged by simple contract. 
Because the mission of the college 
is, in part, to "stimulate civic, 
workforce, and economic vitality," 
the costs of training programs are 
affordably priced for businesses of 
every size and scope. 

Michael Coutu, Financial Controller 
for Catania-Spagna Corporation 
in Ayer, says of working with the 
Workforce Development team, 
"When we decided to go with a 
new software platform, I knew a 
significant amount of training would 
be involved. That's where Mount 
Wachusett Community College came 

in. They helped us understand what 
it takes to get the grant and helped 
us write the proposal." 

In addition to Catania-Spagna, 
recent partners include GFA 
Federal Credit Union in Gardner; 
Nypro in Clinton; Trelleborg in 
Northborough, and more. The 
workforce development team has 
recently opened the North Quabbin 
Entrepreneurial Center in Athol in 
partnership with the town of Athol 
and its Community Development 
Block Grant program. The team 
also partnered with the Department 
of Corrections to educate inmates 
preparing to reenter the workforce. 
In addition, the popular Summer 
Business Luncheon Series is back 
in 2012 with a focus on social media 
marketing for businesses. 

The most frequently requested 
training programs include 
Process Improvement courses 
such as Lean Manufacturing, 
Lean Transformation, and Six 
Sigma; Supervisory, Business 
Communications, and Management 

12 Fall 2012 I CareerFocus 

Mount Wachusett Community College I 877-324-6815 

Certificates; and Computer Skills 
training on Microsoft Office. However, 
the Division of Lifelong Learning 
and Workforce Development has 
connections with dozens of trainers 
all over the state and can deliver 
almost any training in any industry. 
Unusual trainings have included 
such diverse programs as welding, 
forklift driving, energy management, 
and memory skills. Training can be 
delivered onsite at any of Mount 
Wachusett Community College's 
three campuses, or onsite in a 
company training facility. 

Companies interested in getting more 
information about training programs 
or finding out about assistance 
with grant writing, may contact 
Karen Doherty, Workforce Training 
Specialist, at 978-630-9575. 

Continuing Education 

'Continuing Education' has typically 
been used by college campuses as 
a term to describe older students 
coming back to education for the 
first time in many years. The 
Division of Lifelong Learning and 

"Change can be very difficult for people in general; 
but through these trainings, our employees 
have learned to embrace change with less 
resistance, how to partner with their department 
and throughout the entire company to improve 
processes, as well as how to communicate change 
to our members." 

Sharon Henrickson, Employee Relations Officer at GFA 

Workforce Development takes 
that traditional definition and 
stretches it to include noncredit 
courses for current students and 
the community, summer programs 
for kids, certification courses for 
small business owners, as well as 
personal interest courses, including 
computer skills, photography, cooking, 
creative writing, music (ukulele is 
especially popular recently!), home 
improvement and more. Also offered 

are skill-building courses such as 
business writing, HTML coding, 
babysitting, lifeguard licensure, SAT 
preparation for high school students, 
ServSafe certification and many, 
many more. 

Continuing Education includes credit 
and noncredit courses conveniently 
scheduled to service students in all 
stages of their education. 

"In 2011, we delivered over 500 contact hours of 
training, successfully partnered with 27 businesses 
and brought over $250,000 to the region in state 
funded workforce training grants." 

Jeremiah Riordon, Associate Vice President of Lifelong Learning and Workforce Developement 

Students of all ages can benefit from 
workshops or classes not attached 
to credit. These types of sessions 
allow the student to get a flavor of 
a topic without investing a lot of 
money, without affecting a GPA, or 
just because he or she has an interest 
separate from their field of study. For 
more information about the options 
for current noncredit offerings, go to to access the Non Credit 
Course Bulletin. The staff takes 
recommendations for future courses 
as well. Contact Denise Whitney at 
978-630-9124 if you have suggestions. 

The Division of Lifelong Learning 
and Workforce Development will 
continue the tradition of offering 
an incredibly wide range of topics 
for individuals as well as for local 
businesses and will continue to adjust 
its offerings based on the needs o 

877-324-6815 Mount Wachusett Community College I 

CareerFocus I Pall 2012 13 




Flexible Course Options 
to Suit Every Interest 

Mount Wachusett Community College offers a wide variety of courses in many study areas. You can choose from day, evening and online courses and attend 
campuses conveniently located in Gardner, Leominster and Devens, as well as a program-specific site in Fitchburg. Your options include: 


... , _ .>■ • 

Leominster ^ 

Course Subject Areas 




American Sign Language 


Broadcasting & Electronic Media 




Cooperative Education 

Computer Graphic Design 

Complementary Health Care 


Computer Information System 

Criminal Justice 

Clinical Lab Science 

Dental Assisting 

Dental Hygiene 

Earth Science 

Early Childhood Education 



Electronic Engineer Tech 

Energy Management 


English as a Second Lanuague 

Environmental Science 

Fitness Leadership & 
Exercise Science 


Fire Science Technology 







First Year Experience 


Health Care 

Health Sciences 


Human Services 


Interdisciplinary Studies 

Medical Assisting 





Natural Resources 


Physical Education 






Plastics Technology 

Political Science 


Plastics Technology 

Physical Therapy Assistant 






Fail 2012 I CareerFocus 

Mount Wachusett Community College I 877-324-6815 



With so many courses to choose from, there is something for everyone at MWCC. Here is a sampling of some courses popular with students. 

Introduction to Painting 

Introduction to Studio 

Music Recording & Mixing Techniques 

Introduction to Nutrition 

The Biology of Cancer 

Intro to Greenhouse Management 

Customer Relations 

Designing Business Graphics 

PC Maintenance 

American Policing 

Energy Analysis & Auditing 

Film Appreciation 

History of New England 

Medical Coding & Billing 

Intro to Digital Photography 


Marriage & Family 

Spanish for Health Care Professionals 

Fundamentals of Acting 

877-324-6815 Mount Wachusett Community College I 

Sign up for any of these courses by calling 
Admissions: 877-324-6815. 

CareerFocus I Pall 2012 15 



Alumni Spotlight 




Alumni Spotlight 

MWCC alumni are everywhere - working and doing great things in the community and for the community. We 
caught up with a few of them to hear what they are doing and what MWCC meant to them. 

Joana Dos Santos 

• Executive Director, United Neighbors of Fitchburg/Cleghorn Neighborhood Center 

• MWCC, Class of 2007, associate degree in Business Administration 

• Fitchburg State University, Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and current graduate student 

A native of Uruguay, Joana Dos Santos became part of the MWCC community even before starting her freshman year. As 
a student at Fitchburg High School, she participated in the college's GEAR UP Program (Gaining Early Awareness and 
Readiness for Undergraduate Programs). After earning her high school diploma, she enrolled at MWCC, where she served as 
president of the Alpha Beta Gamma business honor society, on the Student Government Association and also was inducted 
into the Phi Theta Kappa honor society, all while remaining active in community service. 

"At MWCC, you really feel that there is an entire community cheering you on, making sure that you get the degree that you 
are working for so hard, and that you continue working toward bigger and better things," she says. "The student life and the 
flexibility were great, too! I had the chance to become involved and really have an impact in my community by participating in 
different clubs and student life activities," she says. 

"MWCC is a great place to start your academic studies, especially if you are trying to figure out your career path. The faculty 
and staff are really supportive, you get one-on-one support, gain great academic and leadership skills, and the opportunity to 
gain real-life experience by doing civic learning projects in the community. Thanks to the opportunities that MWCC gave me, I 
am where I am today." 

Reverend Susan Suchocki Brown 

Parish Minister, First Church Unitarian 
Universalist of Leominster 

• MWCC graduate 1977, associate degree in 
Human Services; bachelor's degree from 
UMass Amherst; master's and doctorate 
degrees from Andover Newton Theological 

• Reflections about MWCC: "MWCC stretched 
me, supported me, sustained me and cared 
about me and my future and it still does." 

Mayor Mark Hawke 

Mayor, City of Gardner 

• MWCC graduate 1993, associate degree 
in General Studies; bachelor's degree from 
UMass Amherst; MBA from Anna Maria 

• Reflections about MWCC: "The small class 
sizes and caring faculty allowed me to get 
a lot more out of my time at The Mount. 
The professors knew me by name and really 
wanted every student to succeed." 

Chief Kevin Roy 

Fire Chief, City of Fitchburg 

• MWCC graduate 1986, associate degree in 
Fire Science Technology 

• Reflections about MWCC: "My time 
attending Mount Wachusett Community 
College was a very enjoyable experience, 
from the faculty, to the students, to the 
overall atmosphere. The availability of night 
courses allowed me to continue working full- 
time and spend time with my children." 

Chief Salvatore Albert 

Chief of Police, Town of Westminster 

• MWCC graduate 1993, associate degree in 
Criminal Justice; bachelor's and master's 
degrees from Anna Maria College; FBI 
National Academy 

• Reflections about MWCC: "I feel that MWCC 
gave me not only the degree, but the passion 
to perform my job to the best of my abilities." 

Sean E. McCauley, D.C. 

Chiropractor, McCauley Chiropractic 

• MWCC graduate 1996, associate degree 
in Liberal Arts; bachelor's degree from 
Excelsior College; Doctor of Chiropractic 
from New York Chiropractic College 

• Reflections about MWCC: "MWCC was 

a good fit for me as an adult student who 
wanted more education to get back into the 

Joseph Ruth III 

Senior Vice President - Operations & Finance, 
Rollstone Bank & Trust 

• MWCC graduate 1975, associate degree in 
Business Administration; bachelor's degree 
from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts; 
MBA from Western New England College 

• Reflections about MWCC: "Mount Wachusett 
Community College helped me gain a 

new appreciation for how working hard in 
school would prepare me for a career in the 
business world." 

16 I Fall 2012 I CareerFocus 

Mount Wachusett Community College I 877-324-6815 

I switched careers in 
less than two years" 

Patrick Armstrong 

After being laid off from his job, Patrick decided it was time for a 
career change and completed an associate degree in Biotechnology 
at MWCC's Devens Campus. After completing an internship, Patrick 
was hired by a local biotechnology firm. 

/ did it. You can too. 





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MWCC Campus Locations & Hours 


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fjlk Mount Wachusett 

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i many 


Community College has to help you achieve your dreams. Whether 
you are a first time student, seeking skills for a second career, looking 
to transfer credits, or want to attain an education without breaking the 
bank — MWCC is for you. With over 45 degree and certificate programs, 
as well as over 100 online course options, you just can't go wrong. And 
did we mention affordability? There is no better educational value in the 
area for such a low cost and with such flexibilitv. 

Associate Degrees 

Accounting Concentration* 

Allied Health Concentration* 

Art — Professional 

Art — Traditional Program 

Audio Engineering Concentration* 

Automotive Technology 

Automotive Technology — General Motors 


Broadcasting & Electronic Media 

Business Administration — Career 

Business Administration — Transfer 

Clinical Laboratory Science 

Communications Track* 

Complementary Health Care 

Computer Graphic Design — Print 

Computer Graphic Design — Web Design 

Computer Information Systems 

Criminal Justice — Corrections 

Criminal Justice — Law Enforcement 

Dental Hygiene 

Early Childhood Education — Career 
Early Childhood Education — Transfer 
Elementary Education Track* 
Energy Management 
Fire Science Technology 
Fitness Leadership & Exercise 

Science Track* 
General Studies 

History & Political Science Track* 
Human Services 
Liberal Arts & Sciences 
Manufacturing Technology — Plastics 
Medical Assisting 
Natural Resources 

Paralegal Studies 
Photography Concentration* 
Physical Therapist Assistant 
Pre-Engineering Track* 
Theatre Arts Track* 
Video/Film Concentration* 
Yoga Teacher Training Concentration* 

Certificate Programs 


Allied Health 

Automotive Technology 


Business Administration 

Complementary Health Care 

Computer Graphic Design — Print 

Computer Graphic Design — Web Design 

Dental Assisting 

Energy Management 

Human Service Technician 

IT Support Specialist 

Law Enforcement 

Medical Coding & Billing 

Medical Office 

Office Assistant 


Practical Nurse 

Professional Photography 

Small Business Management 

Other Options 

3+1 Baccalaureate Degree Completion Option 
Emergency Medical Technician Certificate 

of Completion 
English as a Second Language Courses 
Honors Program 
Nurse Assistant Courses 
Phlebotomy Certificate of Completion 
Radiologic Technologist Articulation Agreement 

* Denotes a concentration of an associate 

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